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We are the leading manufacturer
​of heavy duty sewing machine in China.
SHENGONG sewing machine manufacturer CO., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of FIBC (jumbo bag , big bag, container bag, bulk bag ,ton bag ) sewing machine, PP woven bag sewing machine, automatic bag closing sewing machine , portable bag closer sewing machine , automatic bagging system ,carpet sewing machine ,leather sewing machine ,computer pattern sewing machine, heavy duty sewing machine and extra heavy duty sewing machine .

SHENGONG sewing machine manufacturer CO., Ltd was founded in 1998. From the manufacturer of the sewing machine spare parts to complete sewing machine and to the many kinds of automatic  sewing system SHENGONG focus on the high quality products and always delivered the latest advanced technology  to leading the industry to create a well-known "SHENPENG" brand.


Our Mission
Shengong sewing machine company established on 1998 .From a small factory to the leading manufacturer of PP woven bag sewing machine equipment .And exported the Heavy duty sewing machines all over the world . SHENPENG brand owns a great reputation with innovation and efficiency.To give the best service for the PP bag making . 


Our History
2017--Computer pattern sewing machine was successfully developed and put into production.

2015--The leading company of heavy duty sewing machine equipment project in China.

2010--To provide high quality sewing machine equipment for our customers.

2008--SHENGONG sewing machine factory change the name to SHENGONG Sewing machine manufacturer CO., Ltd.

2005--expended the number of the technology engineers to produce more models of heavy duty sewing machine. 

2003—SHENGONG start produce the PP bag sewing machine .The FGB4-1 is the first model of our sewing machine and widely used in PP bag company.

1998---SHENGONG sewing machine factory established, specializing in the production of sewing machine spare parts.

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​Copyright © SHEN GONG SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD  All Rights Reserved. Site Map