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Programmable Pattern FIBC Sewing Machine

  • CP-L65


CP-L65 programmable pattern FIBC sewing machine is specialized in attaching loops to  body of FIBC, bulk bag, jumbo bag, big bag, container bag, ton bag with super-thick, medium and thinner materials. When sewing super-thick, medium and thinner materials, no skipping stitches ,and sewing stitch line beautiful.


1.With X axis 600mm and Y axis 500mm,sewing bed of CP-L65 could be inserted into jumbo bag body specially designed clamp will press the loop and sew.

2. Usually one big loop or two corner loops could be sewn by one time;

3. With automatic upper and lower thread trimming;

4. Sewing capacity: 5mm at 1300 to 1500rpm; 13mm at 800rpm;



Max .sewing area                                              X 600mm, Y 500mm
Max. speed            1,500rpm
Stitch Length            0.1-12.7mm
Stable working            1200rpm, 10mm stitch length
Sewing capacity            5mm at 1300 to 1500rpm; 10mm at 800rpm
Thread trimming            Automatic upper and lower cold trimming
Pattern store            200 patterns
CAD designing            Support
Clamp lift height            50mm
Needle            DD*1 230
Main motor            750W servo motor
Stepping motors            750W
Machine head            30'' in length

Our Services:

1.Pre-sale consultation service;

2.Machine operating analysis;

3.Stitch sample making;

4. Provide sewing machine working video ;

5. Offer quality products with competitive price; 

6.Maintenance,spare parts services and technical support;

7. Bag closing, FIBC sewing and heavy duty sewing solutions;

8. Quality inspection, delivery time control, logistics and related documents arrangement service.


1.Please oil the machine throughly before running;

2.Please follow the safety instruction strictly before put the machine into operation.    


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