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LFS bags convey-infeed&folding-closing unit

  • LFS bags convey-infeed&folding-closing


This unit,which is constituted by automatic sewing head,bag infeed&folding device, Belt conveyor and a column, is used to close bags filled with various products e.g.foodstuff,fertilizer,feed, &chemicals. It is suitable for stitching packing of paper bags ,woven bags after bag top folding.

Functions:convey bags, auto feed in bags,bag top folding, auto stop-start sewing, auto cutting threads.

Sewing head can be selected: GK35-6,GK35-6A, GK35-7, GK35-8,GK35-8A, GK68-9, DS-9C,DS-9CW

Bag infeed&folding device: GP4900,GP 6900, GP4900SS, GP6900SS

Bag top folding depth: 30-60mm


1.Weight of the bags:10~100Kg;

2.Distance between needle to conveyor belt: 400-900mm;

3.Conveyor speed:6~12m/min,240~600 bags/hour;

4.Motor:0.55KW for conveyor & 0.37KW for sewing machine head;

5.Thread cutting and start-stop styles are depended on sewing machine head selected.


You can make up a complete set as you like ,for example LFS2500+(GK35-6A) which is constituted by a 2.5m conveyor, GK35-6A sewing machine head, a column and its control box.

If you have belt conveyor by yourself, you can purchase it without conveyor.

Our Services:

1.Pre-sale consultation service;

2.Machine operating analysis;

3.Stitch sample making;

4. Provide sewing machine working video ;

5. Offer quality products with competitive price;

6.Maintenance,spare parts services and technical support;

7. Bag closing, FIBC sewing and heavy duty sewing solutions;

8. Quality inspection, delivery time control, logistics and related documents arrangement service.



1.Please oil the machine throughly before running;

2.Please follow the safety instruction strictly before put the machine into operation;



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